e-QBO is an out of scale architecture thought to adapt itself to various contexts: it integrates itself within the urban environment without being confused with it.
e-QBO is a photovoltaic accumulator designed in a pure form, able to create a dialogue with the nature or with the buildings of the city.

e-QBO accumulates energy by renewable sources and returns that energy as services: the inside can become, following the needs, a meeting place, a connection, a private or public structure.





A concrete example in which state of the art knowledge and technologies are applied with a strong vision of the expectations of citizens and inhabitants, in the form of a new and unusual smart object.
e-QBO is the result of combining in the same object design and technology, creativity and energy. It is not a matter of superimposing one thing on the other, it is a perfect balance and integration of each element that gives life to something never seen before and that becomes immediately familiar.

An autonomous lighting object that let you temporarily or permanently change the environment around, giving new light to the background around.

Spectacular and magnificent effects can be created using the power accumulated by the structure and transformed into public LED lighting, giving light the shapes you want, giving space a new life.